Commercial Insurance: What to Know About Worker’s Compensation

Commercial Insurance is a big part of our business here at Ottawa Insurance Agency, including worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation is a mandated type of insurance that all Zeeland, MI businesses need to have. It’s designed to ensure employees who suffer work-related illnesses and injuries get the finances they need to recover, but employers also benefit from this style of commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance: How Businesses Benefit From Worker’s Compensation

  • Financial protection all around. Worker’s compensation pays out injured or sick employees in exchange for the employer paying a set premium per employee. Yet, by ensuring that workers are paid out when needed, this style of commercial insurance protects employers from carrying the weight of such potentially excessive costs on their own, out-of-pocket.
  • Legal protection. Without worker’s compensation, employees may find themselves needing to file a lawsuit in order to get the financial compensation they need to heal following an accident. Worker’s compensation insurance and worker’s compensation laws significantly limit an employee’s ability to sue for a worksite injury or incident (with the exception of cases related to negligence). This legal protection further protects the finances of a business, ensuring it can continue to operate following an incident.
  • Employee morale and retention. Strong worker’s compensation insurance and policies show employees that a business cares about them and that their needs will be covered in the event of a workplace injury or illness.

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Every business is mandated to have worker’s compensation insurance by state and federal law, but there are choices here as with other types of commercial insurance. Contact our team at Ottawa Insurance Agency to learn more and to talk with a friendly representative about getting the best commercial insurance package for your Zeeland, MI business.